Canada’s Working Economic Action Plan

• As what was already mentioned, Canada’s innovation and technology sector has gained a lot of support from the government over the last decade. This is because the administration believes that Canada innovation and technology are crucial factors which result to a more prosperous country.
• In 2010, the Canadian International Innovation program or CIIP was included in the budget so its services could be renewed for another five years.
• In 2011, budgets were also given to support the SMEs, improve the country’s research improvement, innovate the digital economy and businesses, and promote commercialization.
• In 2012, $500 million was given to venture capital funding and about $1.1 billion was provided to R&D investments.
• In 2013, the Canadian government supported innovation, world-class research and entrepreneurship. It provided $60 million for the expansion of business accelerator and incubator services. An additional $100 million was given as an investment to firms who graduated from the business programs.
• In 2014, budget was provided to the Global Markets Action Plan. This plan is the main proposal for providing trade jobs and opportunities to Canadian citizens. As a result, the government hoped for a commercial success among Canadian companies, investors and innovators.